National Counter Terrorism Centre


  1. Act as the National Focal point in all Antiterrorism and Counter Terrorism matters.
  2. Analyze the established international norms and procedures used to counter terrorism and formulate measures to deal with terrorism in the Maldives accordingly.
  3. Collate all terrorism related information and intelligence received from various government agencies.
  4. Provide information to relevant government authorities on activities related to terrorism, financing of terrorism related activities and the movement of funds for such activities.
  5. Establish standards and procedures for the seizure of assets and properties of persons involved in acts of terrorism, or persons who provide support for the conduct of terrorist activities or persons engaged in financing of terrorist activities.
  6. Provide information to relevant government authorities about activities conducted by extremists that disrupt societal harmony, peace and stability.
  7. Advice government authorities on measures to counter persons who finance, or provide information and training or provide other support to extremists.
  8. Conduct analysis about the causes, underlying conditions and societal challenges that foster extreme and radical socio-political ideologies, and collaborate with government authorities and agencies and not-for-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations on formulating strategies to counter the spread of such extreme and radial ideologies.
  9. Identify adherents of extreme and radical ideologies and conduct rehabilitation programs. This also includes inmates who have committed or aided and participated in the commission of terrorist activities.
  10. Represent Maldives at regional and international forums aimed at countering activities conducted by adherents of extreme and radical ideologies that endanger lives and cause loss of property.
  11. Collaborate with relevant government authorities to counter persons engaged in the commission of acts of violence or use of weapons in support of propagating a particular ideology in the society.
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  13. Conduct counter terrorism exercises to assess the level of readiness in response to terrorist attacks
  14. Provide guidance to the President and the National Security Council on formulating policies and strategies to counter the threat of terrorism.
  15. Provide support and assistance to government authorities in the implementation of counter terrorism policies and strategies and coordinate their activities.
  16. Establish procedures for the government authorities engaged in gathering intelligence related to terrorism.
  17. Provide information and assistance in support of kinetic counter terrorist operations.
  18. Represent Maldives at international counter terrorism forums.
  19. Conduct and public academic research on national, regional and international issues related to terrorism.
  20. Provide information and conduct awareness programs for government authorities, industrial installations, tourist establishments, centers that provide important socio-economic services and the general public on aspects of terrorism and counter terrorism.
  21. Cooperating with international partners and obtaining support for antiterrorism and counter terrorism activities.
  22. Solicit information from the security agencies and other authorities on the implementation of the Prevention of Terrorism Act and other related acts, and make recommendations to the President and the National Security Council on ways of further enhancing implementation.