National Counter Terrorism Centre

Deputy Director General of Counter Terrorism

BG Hamid Shafeeq

Brigadier Genera Hamid Shafeeg was appointed as Deputy Director General of National Counter Terrorism Centre on 05th March 2017 and Principal Director to the Directorate of Operations and Training on 01st February 2016. He was born on the 27th of September 1971 and upon completion of secondary education, he enlisted in the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) in 1990.

BG Hamid undertook his officer cadet training at the Pakistan Military Academy. He has also accomplished various trainings locally including the Special Task Force (STF) training, Bodyguard Course and NCO Cadre Course. Among the numerous courses and trainings, BG Hamid has undertaken abroad include Young Officers Infantry Course in Pakistan, Captain Career Course and Defence Resource Management Course in USA. BG Hamid Shafeeq is a graduate of Joint Command and Staff Course held in Kuwait where he was awarded Masters in Military Science. He is a participant of the 2nd Session of the Preparatory Committee Meeting of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction held in Switzerland. He is also a fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies and an alumnus of Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies and George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. He has also attended various seminars including Peace Keeping Seminar in Sri Lanka, Seminar for Non-Lethal Tactics and Techniques and Procedures in Mongolia, 33rd Pacific Army Management Seminar in Japan, Regional Meeting on the UN's Program of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons in Indonesia, Seminar on Transatlantic Civil Security in Germany, Regional Workshop on national Implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention in South and South East Asia in Malaysia and Civil Security Operations in Major Disaster and National Security Events. Furthermore, BG Hamid holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Masters in Military Science.

BG Hamid’s immense contribution in the field of training and education is notable. During a period of 19 years in the capacity development of troops, he has served as an instructor in numerous trainings conducted by the MNDF including Basic Recruit Training, Special Task Force and NCO Cadre. BG Hamid Shafeeq has also overseen the conduct of all bilateral infantry training exercises held by the MNDF and friendly forces from 1998 to 2009. He has played a vital role in the successful conduct of these joint exercises and training by his involvement and oversight in all aspects of the training including planning, coordination and field level direction.

Among the various command, staff and instructional appointments held by BG Hamid Shafeeq include Commander of MNDF Central Area, Commander of the MNDF Fire and Rescue Service, Deputy Commander of MNDF Male’ Area, Commander of Kalhuthuhkalaa Koshi (KK) Base, Principal Directorate of the Directorate of Training and Plans Policy (J7/J5), Principal Director of the Directorate of Plans, Policy and Resource Management (J5/J8), Commanding Officer of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Chairman of SIFCO Management Committee, Commanding Officer of the Defence Institute for Training and Education (DITE), and Deputy Commanding Officer of the Defence Institute for Training and Education (DITE), Deputy Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer of Regional Headquarters of Kaddoo, Adjutant of Girifushi Training Centre and Recruitment and Welfare officer of Office of the Chief of Staff.

BG Hamid has also served as a member of various senior committees at the MNDF. Including as Chairman of the Junior Officers Promotion Board, member of MNDF Lafaadhey Majlis, Promotion Board, Welfare Governing Board, SIWEC Board, Safety Board and Accreditation Board. In addition to this, he was appointed as Vice Chairman of Sifainge Co-Operative (SIFCO) board.

BG Hamid has served Maldives National Cadet Corps from 2005 to 2013. He is also noted as being instrumental in the development of the Maldives National Cadet Corps (MNCC), especially in the transformation into its current contemporary structure. He has held senior appointments of the MNCC including as the Commanding Officer of MNCC and Adjutant of MNCC.

In light of his dedicated service BG Hamid has received Letters of Commendation from MNDF and Defence leadership. Among his service accomplishments include 1st place standing in the 2nd NCO Cadre Course, 1st place in the MNDF shooting competition in the years 1999/2002, 3rd place in MNDF shooting competition 1995 and achieved the Marksman Ribbon twice. Furthermore, BG Hamid is noted as a lead architect in the development of the modern shooting competition structure in the MNDF and throughout the process of its implementation.

BG Hamid has been decorated with numerous medals and ribbons in his 26 years of service. Including the Dedicated Service Medal, Defence Force Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Centenary Medal, SAARC Medal, Presidential Ribbon, Special Service Ribbon (Achieved twice), Ribbon for Skill, Marksmanship Ribbon(Achieved twice), Long Service Ribbon, Dedicated Service Ribbon, Defence Force Service Ribbon and Good Conduct Ribbon .

BG Hamid Shafeeg is married to Mrs. Arifa Abdul Azeez and is blessed with two children.