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Minister of State for Defence Inaugurates
Train the Trainers Workshop

Minister of State for Defence Inaugurates Train the Trainers Workshop

The State Minister for Defence and National Security Mohamed Zuhair officiated the Opening Session of the “Train the Trainers Workshop for South Asia (Bangladesh and Maldives) on Investigation, Prosecution and Adjudication of Foreign Terrorist Fighter (FTF) Cases,” organized by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The ToT workshop will be held from the 4-8 of February, at Bandos Maldives. The workshop includes 15 participants from Bangladesh and 15 Maldivian participants.

In his Opening Remarks, State Minister Zuhair welcomed the delegates and participants to the Maldives. He highlighted the significance of the workshop in terms of successfully dealing with the threat of terrorism and violent extremism. He stated that successful conviction was contingent on a professional and thorough investigation, coupled with careful case preparation and presentation by the prosecutors. In this regard, he urged all participants to fully engage and share their concerns and develop mutual understanding of the peculiar needs of each aspect of investigation, prosecution and adjudication of the foreign terrorist fighter cases.

In addition to State Minister Zuhair, Ms. Hidemi Yuki, the Program Implementation Officer from Terrorism Prevention Branch also spoke at the opening session.