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UNDP's Resident Coordinator and Senior Policy Advisor meets DG

UNDP's Resident Coordinator and Senior Policy Advisor meets DG

27 November 2018

UNDP's Resident Co-Ordinator Ms. Shoko Noda and Senior Policy Advisor Mr. Terence D. Jones met the Director General and senior staff of NCTC today.

Mr. Terence D. Jones is a former Resident Coordinator of United Nations who have served since 1969 in some ten duty stations for the UN system over a period of 37 years, and in the 8 country offices AND served as Resident Coordinator in Bhutan, Malawi, and Philippines.

The visit to NCTC is one of a series of visits to senior members of the government of Maldives to identify areas of support that the government require and ways in which UNDP can assist the government of Maldives in the implementation of its development agenda.

During the visit DG gave a brief introduction of the efforts of NCTC and the collaborative work that we have successfully completed and planned with UN bodies, especially UNDP and UNODC. The Briefing started with a brief introductory video of NCTC followed by answering the queries of the Senior Policy Advisor on the level of Radicalization in the Maldives and on the efforts to De-Radicalize the Radicalized individuals in the Maldivian society