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Defence Minister inaugurates formulation of P/CVE National Action Plan

Defence Minister inaugurates formulation of P/CVE National Action Plan

07 May 2018 |  View News in Dhivehi

Minister of Defence and National Security Adam Shareef Umar inaugurated the formulation of the National Action Plan on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism at a meeting of the Counter Radicalization Committee. The committee meeting was held at MNDF Coast Guard Building Conference Hall and was chaired by the Minister of Defence and National Security Honorable Adam Shareef Umar. NCTC is collaborating with UNDP to formulate the National Action Plan on P/CVE.

In his opening remarks, Defence Minister Adam Shareef thanked the member ministries and agencies of the Counter Radicalization Committee for their contribution and participation in the P/CVE efforts. Minister Adam Shareef also thanked the UNDP for their extensive support to the Maldives in the P/CVE efforts, and for facilitating expert consultancy to assist in formulating the National Action Plan. He also emphasized the need for such a National Action Plan and urged the ministries and agencies to contribute their resources and capacity. Minister Adam Shareef stated that His Excellency President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayoom has directed that the P/CVE and CT efforts in the Maldives must be in line with UN's efforts and UN Secretary General's Plan of Action, and that Maldives has been working very diligently to tackle the issue of violent extremism.

Minister Adam Shareef also said that the Counter Radicalization Committee welcomes the initiative by NCTC and expects additional meetings to validate and finalize the action plan before implementation. He also stressed on the importance of reducing redundancy and duplication and incorporating measures of success in the activities and design of the action plan.

In her remarks, the UN Resident Coordinator Ms. Shoko Noda stated that Maldives has long been renowned for its beauty and peacefulness, but recent developments from within a small segment of the society has marred this image. Long-held norms of respect and tolerance, which has been integral parts of the Maldives' national identity has been undermined. Ms. Noda emphasized that extremism and intolerance is learned attribute, and that a concerted effort is necessary by all stakeholders. She also stressed on the importance of inter-agency coordination, and further strengthening the national apparatus in terms of capacity and capability.

Following UN RC's remarks, Governance and Peacebuilding Regional Advisor Mr. Simon Finely delivered a presentation on the importance of formulating a National P/CVE Action Plan. He drew on international best practices and experience of other countries, as well as international norms and conventions. In his presentation, he emphasized on close coordination and collaboration between agencies and integrating the whole of society into the P/CVE structure.

Following Mr. Finley's presentation, Minister Adam Shareef opened the floor for comments and interventions from committee members. After interventions from the floor, Minister Adam Shareef concluded the meeting.