National Counter Terrorism Centre

EU-Maldives Policy Dialogue Session

NCTC Participates in 3rd EU-Maldives Policy Dialogue Session.

National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) participated in the 3rd European Union (EU) - Maldives Policy Dialogue, held in Bandos Maldives on 23rd May 2017. The EU - Maldives Policy dialogue is an annual session held to discuss matters of mutual concern between the Maldives and the E.U., and to strengthen diplomatic relations. NCTC briefed the EU high-level delegation on the thematic area of counter terrorism, counter radicalization and the security of foreign tourists. NCTC's presentation included an overview of the institutional, legislative and policy developments that Maldives has achieved in terms of countering terrorism and violent extremism. During the presentation, information was provided on the threat of terrorism and violent extremism based on the two analytical and academic studies conducted by NCTC, in collaboration with the inter-agency partners: the 'Contributing Factors to Radicalization,' and the 'Baseline Study on Violent Extremism.' The presentation also included information about ongoing 'whole-of-government' and 'whole-of-society' efforts to counter radicalism and violent extremism, including formulating the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism. Information was also provided about the efforts to enhance the counter terrorism response and preparedness levels, as well as the modalities of response, especially in incidents involving foreign nationals. Tourism security was a central theme in the presentation, and NCTC gave information about the various measures and projects underway to enhance tourism security, including the tourism security workshop and the efforts by Maldives Police Service, as well as the efforts, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, to formulate a national tourism security plan by the end of the year. International collaborative efforts were also addressed, including the bilateral and multilateral ties and relations, especially in terms of sharing intelligence and information with Maldives' security partners.

Director General of Counter Terrorism Brigadier General Zakariyya Mansoor and senior officials of NCTC represented the Centre.